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How It Works

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Isol8 Product Information

Isol8 is unique amongst industrial absorbents, it is extremely effective, has a more rapid absorbency rate, yet it is lighter and environmentally friendly. Following years of research and testing, Isol8 is now available nationally through approved stockist’s, providing you with a cost effective spill control solution.

Isol8 is the core product within our range, providing the ‘building block’ for all our developments to date. It is made wholly from renewable organic resources, and is produced without any chemical treatments. Isol8 possesses a unique fibrous honeycomb structure thus ‘locking in’ spills and liquids and prevents ‘leaching’.

Isol8 Is Easier And Safer

Highly Concentrated
Absorbs more for your money
Locks in spills quickly
Uses less storage space
Cleans up spills
Cleans your hands
Cleans machinery
Safer to carry
Easy to pour
Easy to distribute
Environmentally friendly
100% Recycled natural material
Can be incinerated

Isol8 Will Absorb

  • Grease
  • Anti-freeze
  • Acids
  • Alkalines
  • Lubrication Oil
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Petrol
  • Diesel
  • All Paints
  • Liquid Fats
  • Water
  • Body Fluids

It Cleans

Cleans Floors

  • Isol8 cleans floors
  • Isol8 cleans floors
  • Isol8 cleans floors

Cleans Hands

  • Isol8 cleans hands
  • Isol8 cleans hands
  • Isol8 cleans hands

Cleans Machinery

  • Isol8 cleans machinery
  • Isol8 cleans machinery
  • Isol8 cleans machinery

Cleans Tools

  • Isol8 cleans tools
  • Isol8 cleans tools
  • Isol8 cleans tools

Our Customer Reviews

  • Aztec Oils logo

    David Ashard, Operations Director

    “We use Isol8 to clean up spills and leaks in our yard. It is much quicker to work than other brands and is easy to clear up once it has been used. As an environmentally conscious business we do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint, so knowing that it is made from 100% recycled ingredients is an advantage.”

  • Pirtek logo

    David Macneil, Manager at Pirtek Paisley

    “We have been using isol8 for many years now and find it a much handier and easier option than the traditional granules. With virtually no clean up required afterwards. I would recommend Isol8 to anyone.”

  • Castleford Car Centre logo

    Liam Richardson, Director

    “Over the years we have tried all other products, and as far as we are concerned isol 8 has always outperformed its competitors.”

Health And Safety

The Health & Safety Executive reports that thousands of injuries every year are caused by the failure to promptly clear up oil spillages in the workplace.

Isol8 is the ultimate absorbent for helping businesses to fulfill their “duty of care”.

The Motor Vehicle Repair industry has accident rates higher than the average for the whole of UK manufacturing. During the five years from 1997-2002 nearly 8,000 injuries were reported to HSE and Local Authorities - 31 of these were fatal injuries and almost 2,500 were serious injuries, some involving members of the public.

The main cause of injuries in the workplace are:

Manual Handling
Isol8 is very light & compact therefore safe to lift & handle.
A bag of Isol8 weighs 1.3kg and absorbs more oil than a bag of clay granules and is less than half the size, making it much easier to handle.
Slips & Trips
Isol8 is the fastest acting general floor absorbent available.
Isol8 absorbs so quickly, that floors are non-slip in minutes.
Isol8 is an inexpensive, fast and effective way to combat both of these problem areas.