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About Environmental Absorbents

We specialise in producing totally organic, environmentally friendly absorbents offering superior performance attributes to other absorbent products whilst being biodegradable and easy to use.

Environmental Absorbents is a conscientious and environmentally aware business that has built an invaluable level of experience during the years it devoted to developing a range of products with exceptional capabilities whilst achieving high levels of Environmental responsibility. The result is that we now offer products with superior performance, yet at prices competitive with substantially less effective alternatives, thus offering a comprehensive package of savings in terms of time, cost, logistics, use, disposal and user safety.

Environmental Absorbents holds, and regularly re-assesses, a series of UK and International Patents and Copyright across a comprehensive array of manufacturing processes and packaging innovations protecting a vast range of absorbent uses.

Isol8 is the core product within our range. It is made wholly from renewable organic resources, and is produced without any chemical treatments.

We appreciate that to achieve continued growth; we must strive to achieve levels of customer satisfaction that exceeds their requirements and expectations. We shall achieve this by being the authoritative resource on solutions to all types of spills in the workplace and home.

  • By understanding the key issues and policies governing the absorption and disposal of spills.
  • By working closely with our customers, to educate in and encourage safe-working practices.
  • By working with the Environment Agency.
  • To continually seek constructive feedback from all parties to improve our knowledge base, and thus continually improve our products.
  • Sustain our position through innovation.

A positive reflection of our goals is that, after our extensive investment in research and development and close liaison with customers, we have now achieved levels of interest and business from our products that required us to move into substantially larger premises in early 2005. This new facility enables us to increase our production capacity by some 400%, including production lines for the new products.

Disposal Of Hazardous Waste

With EU regulations governing the disposal of all oil-based waste becoming more stringent, and insisting that all such waste is treated as hazardous waste for special site disposal, the cost of removing waste is increasing dramatically. The low weight and high absorbent efficiency of Isol8 provides additional valuable savings to the responsible user. Below is an example of the savings that can be made in the UK.

76% Savings

  Isol8 Clay Granules
Volume of absorbent required to clear 1000 Ltrs of oil 1333 Ltr 4000 Ltr
Weight of product 173 Kg 3333 Kg
Weight of oil (at SG of 0.85) 850 Kg 850 Kg
Total weight for disposal 1023 Kg 4183 Kg

Disposal in the UK: Comparison between Isol8 and Clay based granules

  Isol8 Clay Granules
Cost of waste collection @ £25.00 per Tonne £25.58 £104.58
Cost of Licensed disposal @ £150.00 per Tonne £153.50 £627.50
Total weight for disposal 1023 Kg 4183 Kg
Total disposal cost £179.08 £732.08

Isol8 makes a saving of £553 - that’s 76%!